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Carmine Petrone

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Property development is growing throughout Victoria and particularly in Melbourne. Many are now wanting to create a profit from buying and developing property from the ground up. However, the reality is that it can be a tough process, particularly when trying to develop a property in Melbourne, Victoria. Now if you are from Melbourne and looking for something to sink your teeth in to and not only create a profit but earn the greatest of salinification then these are some tips to get into property development. So if you are in the area of Melbourne, or Victoria in general read on and enjoy, perhaps you could be someone like Carmine Petrone who enjoys their morning coffee in Melbourne and this could spark your interest in the developing world of property development.


Property development involves a variety of tasks and process from start to finish involving purchasing a property and developing it for sale at an increased price, it also doesn’t have to definitely involve houses, it can also involve roads and parks that you build up that can benefit society in the future. So if you are working in Melbourne like Carmine Petrone and are driving to work and you notice that a road isn’t as smooth as it should be perhaps you could develop it. In the end property development isn’t just a hobby and will involve passion, ambition and patience.

First of all, you must invest in a property or an area, you must commit to this property and look to convert the area from its current use to a higher and better use. There are many areas and buildings that could be developed in Melbourne, Victoria and you could even look at something you’re passionate and look to develop a property around your passion. So, if you are passionate about exercise and fitness like Carmine Petrone you could look to develop a gym and this, in turn, will keep you motivate and passionate about the project.

Continuing on, it is important to not become stressed by your mistakes, often many mistakes will be made in your first few projects and it is important to learn from these mistakes. Melbourne and the whole state of Victoria offer many opportunities to retry with developing properties and it is important to not become disheartened by mistakes and instead look to learn and improve with your next project.

Finally, when beginning a project it is important to know who you will need to help you develop the property and find a way to contact these people. If you are someone like Carmine Petrone who has many connections throughout Melbourne and Victoria this can be an easy task however, a suggested list of people to contact and get involved in your project for general reference could include, real estate agents to sell your property, finance strategists, accountants, lawyers, town planners, architects and designers, building contractors, engineers, project managers and most importantly property strategies as they will help locate and negotiate the purchase of property and in turn maximise your return on an investment.

As mentioned above, you could be someone like Carmine Petrone who is just sitting in their favourite Melbourne café drinking their coffee and looking for something to spark your interest, or you could be looking to make some more money and develop a passion, either way, property development is a very viable option in Melbourne, Victoria to maximise your finances and develop excellent properties.

E3 Launch – Carmine Petrone

Well guys, the 2017 Bethesda #E3 Press Conference ended at about 2.40, not as long as the others so far but they somehow managed to pack quite a big showcase into a 40 minute timeslot. Here are my highlights:
– Fallout 4 and Doom on VR
– Skyrim on Nintendo Switch (yes I know I kind of said it’d be ridiculous, but I’d be most intrigued to see how well it plays compared to PlayStation, Xbox, or PC)
– Creation Club, basically a system where modders can upload their mods for Skyrim and I think Fallout 4 and players can spend in-game credits for it
– Wolfenstein II, finally, the game that has received so many reboots since it’s last actual sequel in 1984 is finally getting… yet another sequel, that is nothing like the 1984 nor the 2001 games. Geez, will they ever get to a third game without rebooting the series? I guess that remains to be seen.
Tomorrow we’ll have the Ubisoft and Sony conferences, but due to work I’ll be unable to cover either of them, same story with the Nintendo conference the day after. However, I will watch replays of them after work and post my thoughts on them! Watch this space! #E32017 #BE3

Carmine Petrone Super Hero

Hello everyone

So you have all convinced me. In my previous post I posed the question, Should I begin writing my super hero novel again?

Everyone responded with an astounding yes. So that settles it, I am going to write my superhero novel based on a few people in my life.

Look forward to you all reading it.

Carmine Petrone – Self Help Book Suggestions

Hello everyone,

Just wondering if any of you had any recommendations for self help books. I am looking more towards fitness & exercise as I have been lacking in that department lately.

I used to visit the gym around 4-6 times a week. When I say gym I mean I have a good gym at my apartment block that is rarely used by anybody in the building.

Any help  would be appreciated. One last thing, Carmine Petrone to me sounds like the name of a hero.

Should I continue writing my hero Novel?

Carmine Petrone Self – Made

Hello everyone, Carmine petrone here

I am going to begin to post one blog post a day. It is quite a big task because of how busy I am but lets see if I can stick through it.

I have been receiving all your emails and let me tell you, the words of encouragement are appreciated.

Random Thoughts Carmine #1

Hello everyone, Carmine Petrone here.

Today I was just thinking what is the deal with sharks? They get such a bad wrap but they never really do anything last year in NSW (2016, Australia) There were 8 recorded attacks.

Out of those 8 recorded attacks 0 were fatal.

Out of all of Australia there were only 2 unprovoked fatal attacks. It is a sad loss of lie but it is an unfortunate result.

Morning Cofee

Hello everyone, This is Carmine Petrone.

Just sitting down to have my morning coffee and I sat here to ponder. What a lovely country.

This is the country you can do anything you want in.


Whats your favourite thing to do of a morning?

Carmine’s First Post

Hello everyone,

This is my first post. Hopefully one of many. This will not be the last. The question you may ask is : What should my first post be about? Well here is the answer:


I will be writing about me.

Height: 6 foot, 2

Age: 32

Hair Colour : Red

Eye Colour: Blue

Skin Colour: 😉